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Most of the uSketch game is self-documenting. The game will tell each player who the artist is, and players can begin guessing at any time by entering their guesses into the chat window. Guesses that are very close to the correct word will not be broadcast to the other players. The game does not end until the server stops running.

Screenshots of the drawing area can be taken by double-clicking on the stopwatch. A characteristic camera clicking sound should be heard, indicating that the screenshot has been taken. The file is not actually written until the round is over; otherwise, the unscrupulous could simply read the current word out of the screenshot and win every round!

Currently, running the game requires some understanding of IP addresses and such. The server is integrated into the program, and is activated by specifying the /server parameter on the command-line. Clients should then specify the IP address or host name of the server on the command-line. Some of the time, a server will be up & running on the Delta Q Development programming PC. The game will try to connect to this server by default if no server is specified on the command-line.

This is just a minimalistic first pass at documentation. If you have any questions or concerns, send an e-mail to: Anything that is commonly brought up will be added to this page, which will become more complete as it matures. :-)